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Introducing Epson’s SureColor T-Series Printers 

A serious, professional wide-format printer as easy & friendly to use
as the inkjet printer that sits on your desk.


Education Pro Color Poster Maker

Available in 24″, 36″ and 44″ widths

Epson’s new T Series SureColor Printers are the best printers in their class for CAD, GIS, Engineering, Sign Shops, Science and Schools. Capable of printing at high speeds from simple posters and banners to complex & precise technical drawings, graphic posters, and retail signage.  This is Epson’s latest technology with this series offering an easy to use printer with incredible quality while being truly conservative on ink.   The Epson T3270, T5270, and T7270 printers are engineered to print with benefits like permanent print heads, prints resolution as high as 2880 Vs 1440, pigmented waterproof inks, 3 size ink cartridges to choose from, can handle Media up to 59 mil thick, networkable and more.  And because it’s an ink miser, you’ll find your overall operating costs reduced compared to other brand printers or plotters.  

surecolor-t5270-carAs your business grows, the Epson SureColor T-series can grow with it – Options and Add-Ons

Auto-Switching Dual Paper Roll Models 

Multifunction Copy and Scan with 36″ wide scanners

Expansion Modules like High Performance Adobe PostScript 3 Hardware Engine 

Internal 320 GB print server which can be managed remotely and allows for print jobs to be saved and reprinted.

This printer comes packed with everything you need for one low price – stand, ink, software, even free shipping to your door –  no need to add anything else.  


Benefits and advantages over other wide format printers

  • The Epson SureColor T-Series printers are available in 3 sizes 24″, 36″ and 44″ widths are priced for any budget.  Both the 36″ and 44″ wide machines are available in single or dual roll systems.

  • The SureColor T-Series printers use only Pigmented Inks that are waterproof and technically archival.  Indoors your prints will stay as vibrant as the day you printed them without the need to laminate regardless of the media you use.  Everything can go outside without fear of the ink running.  Most other brand printers in the same class use Dye Based Inks which break down quicker and fade fast. That’s why some dealers encourage lamination to keep the sheen. Not necessary with the Epson SureColor T-Series printers.

  • Print on Canvas, Vinyl, even Poster Board.  The list of media you can use is huge and varied!

  • Uses only 5 ink cartridges rather than 6 like Canon printers so it is less costly to fill.  And the SureColor T-Series printers have the option of 3 different size ink cartridges – 110 ML, 350 ML and 700 ML.  The bigger the cartridge, the less your ink costs.

  • Fastest printer in its class.  The Epson SureColor T-Series printers print bi directionally – right & left – so they are much faster than printers that pass in just one direction.

  • Permanent Print Heads.  You’ll never have to replace this printer’s print heads and that can save you a fortune compared to other printers like HP and Canon.

  • Incredible Support and On Site Warranties.  Our support along with Epson’s doesn’t stop when your warranty ends.  We know if your printer is down or you’re having an issue, you’re not buying paper or ink.  You’ll be able to reach us by phone or email.


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Epson SureColor T Series printer AKA the Education Pro Color Poster Maker