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Easyboards - Reusable Display Boards

EasyBoard display & presentation boards - Reusable, light weight, no mounting or laminating

Easyboards, reusable display boards and presentation holders will save you tons of money by eliminating the labor, materials, & time spent attaching each display to a backing. Sending out your materials and waiting? Not anymore! And, best of all, you can re-use our boards over & over again. Great for office decor too.

An Easyboard couldn't be easier to use

Just peel back the Velcro or magnetic lined cover from the rigid  back, insert your materials and re-seal. 10 seconds or less!

Flexible plastic glare resistant cover is bordered in Black custom colors available

Our display boards easily protect materials from being torn or written on. The black borders jazz up materials and help lend a professional look. A Velcro or magnetic lining holds the cover tight to a strong durable plastic back. Use Kleenslate Markers for writing on and easy wipe off.

9 different sizes to choose from

Choose from our 8 1/2″ X 11″ display boards to our jumbo presentation size boards 36″ X 48″. Custom sizes available.

Most board sizes weigh less than 2 lbs.

Come single or double sided. Also available is an expandable leatherette carrying case with shoulder strap making transportation easy.

Easyboards are virtually unbreakable and, best of all, they last for years with proper care

Strong & rigid back offers owners versatile display options like on an easel, hanging with Velcro, magnets or double sided tape, drill or nail threw them.  Even zip tie to columns and posts.  Attach to just about any wall, door, window or solid surface.

No more messages scotched taped to walls & doors

Create the same uniform look no matter where you display your Easyboards.